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City Promise Survey

The City Promise is our new customer service initiative aimed at making a visit to the City of Manchester Stadium the best experience in world football.

We want you to tell us about your matchday experience at the City of Manchester Stadium.

We’d like to know what we’re doing well and where we need to make improvements.

Please use the following survey to rate our customer service performance and tell us about your best and worst experiences when you have attended a match.

We would like you to complete this survey as soon as possible after you have attended a match.

The survey ...
Stadium facilities

Thinking about your trip to the Stadium, from when you arrived to when you went home, rate how you think the Club has performed in each of the following areas.

The availability of staff to meet you when you arrived at Eastlands
Your first impression of the staff who greeted you
The warmth & friendliness of the greeting you received on your arrival at Eastlands
The respect shown to you by our staff
The availability of staff to answer your queries & questions
The approachability of staff to answer your queries & questions
The ability of staff to help you and provide the information you require
The time it took to help you
The willingness of staff to help
The way our staff communicated with you – were they easy to understand
Feeling safe when you arrived at Eastlands
Feeling safe inside the Stadium
Feeling safe when you were leaving Eastlands
The appearance of staff – were they clean & tidy
The overall cleanliness of the Stadium
The overall cleanliness of the Stadium site
The cleanliness of the toilets
The cleanliness of the area where you sat
The cleanliness of the bars & food areas
Your overall enjoyment of your visit to the stadium
The quality of the football you came to see
The atmosphere during the match
The pre-match entertainment
The half-time entertainment
Customer Service

To what extent do you agree or disagree with these statements about the customer service we offer to our supporters?

Matchday staff are always warm and friendly towards me
Matchday staff help me to feel safe when I come to see a match
Matchday staff always do their best to solve my problems
The Stadium and surrounding site is always clean & tidy
Matchday staff are always clean and smart
Even if we lose, I always have a great time when I come to the Stadium
The Matchday

Thinking about when you come to a match, please read each of the following and rate how important they are to your enjoyment.

The quality of food & drink
The price of food & drink
The speed of service of food & drink
Pre-match entertainment (inside the Stadium)
The atmosphere during the match
The cleanliness of the stadium
Access to a wi-fi network
A PA system that I can hear clearly
Facilities that cater for my children
Clear directional signage
The chance to buy club merchandise
Getting away from the stadium quickly after a match
Convenient stadium car parking
A reliable post-match bus service
Easy access to & from the stadium by public transport
Feeling safe in and around the stadium
Being made to feel welcome when you arrive
Having staff available to answer my questions
Sitting with other fans like me
The attitude of match day staff (helpful, friendly & knowledgeable)
Further Feedback
We would also like to hear about times when our staff delivered a good service. Is there a member of our matchday team that you feel deserves special praise?
Would you like us to contact you to discuss the feedback you have left?
About you

To help us analyse the results of the survey, please take a few minutes to complete this section about you. The information that you provide will be treated as confidential.

Q9. Are you male or female?
Q10. How old are you?
Q11. Do you own any of the following types of supporter card?
Q12. Who do you usually attend City matches with?
Q13. How long have you been a City supporter?
Q14. How do you usually travel to the City of Manchester Stadium?

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